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Home is the place where the heart is. This line holds so much value and meaning that every person will agree to it. The homes we live in are built piece by piece by the family members living in them and every item has some memories attached to it. Home is the place where we feel most relaxed and at ease. The love for homes and their design has given rise to the profession of Interior design. There are institutes offering courses on Interior decoration and design which helps students to make a career out of it. The certificate course in Interior furnishing management ensures to give the student has an apt environment to learn the requirements of this job and get certified to be hired as a professional. 

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What is Certificate Course in Interior Furnishing Management?

HIITMS offers this course to its applicants for 6 months which is full of learning’s and home site examples to learn from. The faculties of HIITMS are masters in the field of interior design and getting lectures from the talented faculty makes it more fruitful. The software that is worked upon by interior designers makes for part of the curriculum in the certificate course for the students to study. The residential projects are handled wholeheartedly by the designers to turn them into beautiful abodes for the owners.

The eligibility criteria have been made very relaxed and considerate by HIITMS as no formal education is required to be a part of the course. Anybody can apply at any age and with basic education of intermediate clear. The ease in the eligibility criteria makes it accessible to a huge number of candidates seeking to be a part of the course. The constraints due to age and education have been eliminated by the institute to offer the maximum number of people their desired wish to be a part of the course. The admission process of the course is extremely simple which makes enrolling for the same quite easy. The willing candidates can fill in all the details of themselves on the website of HIITMS and they will be further guided on how to proceed ahead. The candidate will receive a call from the institute for further clarifications if any. 

What are the subjects covered in the certificate course in Interior Furnishing Management?

Fundamentals of Design: The basic principles of design are balance, contrast, design, proportion, rhythm, and pattern.

Design Sources & Material: Materials are the source of the design. The materials are made out of the natural environment around us and are reshaped and reformed into new materials. The material forms a really important part of the design world.

Residencial Space Design:The design of the interiors of residential spaces or private houses is called residential space design. The need and requirements of the client are paramount.

Computer-Aided Design- Auto CAD: It is computer-aided design software that helps in drafting software applications. There are various benefits of Auto CAD like easy data transfer, controllability, layering up, etc.

Portfolio presentation and development: Portfolio presentation and development are an important aspect of the learning in the course which helps the students acquires jobs easily. The kind of work done make up for the profile of the candidate.

Interior construction and Detailing: The interiors course helps in making the students learn about the details of the construction and its compatibility with different regions.

What are the opportunities available after completing certificate course in interior furnishing management?

Setting up own Interior firm: The individuals can set up their agency by getting certified by the institute. The students can work for their clientele and learn with each passing assignment. The maximum exposure one can get is through dealing with the assignments all by them. 

Trainee manager with a known firm: The need for interior designers has been highest in the past few years. Every established firm needs trainees or staff with knowledge of interiors to work for them at good pay. They can work for a couple of years and get better trained in bigger projects and can set up their venture in the future.

Furniture Designer: The candidate can excel in making furniture designs for clients having specific requirements for specific areas of their house. The furniture's made of different materials which require different types of upholstery therefore one can easily master the art of the same and get handsomely paid for the same.

Graphic Designer: Graphics are the present and the future of any business and it is important to learn about the designing of the same. Every client would like to have a visual representation of how the final work will look as it gives them an idea of how great it looks.

Showroom Designer: The job of a showroom designer is a little challenging and demanding however the pay for the job is really good which compensates well for all the hard work. 

HIITMS has a path-breaking record in educating students in different fields of education which pays early returns to the students. All the courses are well-certified by the state and education authorities and have complete validation across the entire nation. The students get to clear all their doubts well in time with the help of experienced faculty. Guest lectures from industry experts are given to students for better exposure and understanding. This helps students to clear their doubts about the functioning of the industry and the kind of work profile it is. 

The exclusive courses offered by HIITMS make it a class apart in different areas of study. The online mode of the courses makes them accessible to students from any area and locality. After the course completion the students get a chance with the leading companies of the country. The course helps the students in developing their skill set which further creates ample opportunities for their career growth.