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Home is the place where the heart is. This line holds so much value and meaning that every person will agree to it. The homes we live in are built piece by piece by the family members living in them and every item has some memories attached to it. Home is the place where we feel most relaxed and at ease. The love for homes and their design has given rise to the profession of Interior design. There are institutes offering courses on Interior decoration and design which helps students to make a career out of it. The certificate course in Interior furnishing management ensures to give the student has an apt environment to learn the requirements of this job and get certified to be hired as a professional. 

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What is Diploma in Aviation Management?

The aviation industry has seen the worst of the times during COVID but proved to be one of the fastest growing industries of these times. The Quantum of passengers dealt with at every airport and airline is increasing with each passing day. The airlines have placed orders for hundreds of aircraft keeping in mind the future demand of airline travellers. The study of Aviation Management is now a necessity to be a part of the aviation industry as it teaches about airports and airlines in detail. The Diploma in Aviation Management is done by the candidates to study in-depth about the airlines, airports, and businesses related to aviation. The various departments that are required to make the operations smooth at any airport or airline are huge therefore comes a huge requirement of human forces to attend to them. 

The diploma course for aviation management is for a short period of a year wherein different subjects are taught to students to make them aware of the terms and terminologies of the aviation industry. The eligibility criteria to hold a diploma certificate in aviation is to be an intermediate pass i.e. 10+2 from a school. The admission process for the Diploma course is simply applying for it online on the website of HIITMS and assistant support will help with the entire process of admission.

Subjects Covered

This course contains the following subjects

Housekeeping is keeping things organized and in the best fashion possible. Housekeeping can be categorized into domestic and institutional. The institutes like hotels, resorts, airports, offices, etc. The staff has to ensure the tidiness and upkeep of all the things used in the institution.

Hospitality Management:
The hospitality business ensures in making that guests feel welcomed and ensures to make their stay or visit is the most pleasant. The students are given in-depth knowledge of the same.

Customer Relation and Services:
Customer relation helps any business a lot in the retention of customers. They also ensure growing customer relationships by being the first point of contact for any business dealing. The students enrolled are taught the key aspect of relationship building.

F&B Management:
Food and beverages makes an important part for any traveller during their visit to the airport or flying on an aeroplane therefore the quality and quantity both need to be appropriate. It involves work like inventory planning, menu planning, costing, ordering, and managing budgets.

English Conversant:
English is a global language and being able to converse in the same is extremely essential to communicate with the customer. Airports have visitors of different nationalities therefore English becomes the preferred language of communication for all the staff members.

Personality Development:
Interpersonal behaviour traits of every individual are different from each other. The responses of individuals to the same situation vary drastically due to their emotional traits and intelligence quotient. HIITMS works on personality building through the course.

Travel Desk:
The travel desk of any airport has to ensure the confidentiality of the travel plans of all the employees and the entire itinerary has to be looked after and communicated to the concerned employee.

Reservation Desk Management:
Every airport has a reservation desk to assist passengers in making last-minute reservations to hotels and even for outdoor activities in the city, they travel to. The students are taught the mannerisms and the procedure to operate a reservation desk.

Personal Grooming and Hygiene:
Good health is maintained with the help of good personal hygiene. The hair, nails, dental, and foot all make up for hygiene, and keeping all of these in perfect condition is required to look groomed and crisp at the workplace. Grooming lessons are a must for every student enrolling for the course.

Business Communication:
Communication is the key to achieving any organizational goals. The way communication takes place in any organization tells a lot about the company's values and ethics. Therefore students learn the way of business communication through the course.

Accounting subjects become a must to study for all students as it is important to know in any role given to any student on the job front.

Presentation Skills:
The way the work is presented at any forum makes a great impact on the outcomes of the result. The presentation of things is taught through practical examples and exercises.

Computer Reservation:
Computers these days are a must for any organization and everything is online like booking, reservations, payments, and cancellations.

Fares and Ticketing:
The students are taught all about the niche specialization of ticketing in the hospitality industry and the travel industry.

The opportunities are ample in the field of aviation once you get your hands on the diploma. The students have been placed at different levels in various airports and airlines. The knowledge and skill set developed during the course stays with them irrespective of the place the candidate lands. 

An airline’s biggest revenue is from the tickets booked by the passengers for their travel.

Customer Service Agent:
The customer /passenger is the king in the aviation industry and hence needs to be looked after in the most hospitable manner. All the needs of the customer have to be met in a polite way to keep them satisfied and happy.

Travel Desk Manager:
The manager at the travel desk needs to be prompt in his actions therefore a person well aware of the duties is the most suitable fit for it.

F&B Manager:
The manager looking after the food and beverages section at the airport must be aware of all the planning required to ensure the correct availability of food items and keep the menu to the choice of food and beverages preferred by the travellers.

Baggage Handling Asssociate:
The baggage’s at any airport accounts for a lot of work and management therefore handling them requires a good skilled employee who understands the process.

HIITMS has been the master in his work of teaching students and training them perfectly for the job. The versatility of courses HIITMS offers make it class apart from its competitors. Real exposure to the workplace is provided to students to give them a feel of the workplace. The placement offered to HIITMS students has been the most in the industry.

Course Syllabus

YearTitle of the PaperICAESETotal MarksExam/Duration Hours
ICommunicative English20801003Hrs30
IIntroduction to Airline Industry20801003Hrs40
IAirpost & Customer Relation Management20801003Hrs40
IAir Traffic Control20801003Hrs30
IAviation Law | Aircraft Rules & Regulations20801003Hrs30
IOrganisational Behaviour20801003Hrs40
IAirline & Airport Marketing Management20801003Hrs40
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