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Certification Course in Airhostess Training by HIITMS

Working as a cabin crew can be an exciting experience as well asa challenging one. While people only see the exotic destinations cabin crew gets to travel to, they don’t see the amount ofhard work and effort put in by them to manage the huge responsibility ofpassengers’ safety and comfort throughout the journey.Cabin crew members spend months of training in acquiring industry-aligned specialization skills. These skills become vital when they have to serve these passengers thousands of feet above the ground for many hours in the day.

With the increasing number of air passengers, the demand for cabin crew is also rising, allowing many to live their dream. But those who aspire to be cabin crew members need the right mentorship and guidance to succeed in this career.

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Eligibility Criteria:



What is a certificate course in Airhostess training?

Air hostess is one of the integral parts of the aviation industry due to their being in the field of hospitality and travel. Cabin crew, flight attendant, and steward are a few of the names that are used synonymously for them. It is the job of an air hostess to ensure the safety and comfort of its passengers. The crew of any airline has to go through extensive training along with a lot of patience and interpersonal skills to handle the different characteristics of individuals on board. However fancy and intimidating the job might sound but it requires training as well as a certification before being an air hostess.

The certified course in Airhostess training is the one offered by different institutes or colleges to inculcate the required knowledge and skill set to be able to apply for a job in the aviation industry. The duration of the certification course differs from 6 months to 1 year depending on the institute that has been chosen. The time period of 1 year serves as the best time to start your career early in life with an airline or an aiport.

The course requires candidates to be physically present in the class to study the curriculum laid down by the top professionals for the job.

Subjects Covered

This course contains the following subjects

The travel and tourism industry is closely related to aviation and a close study of the same is also taught to be at par in the industry.

The crew should be able to understand Airside markings, designators and lights to work in a plane. Familiarity of aviation terms and acronyms used by DGCA is important to be known. Work flow and process of ground handling services.

The basic knowledge of aviation law and insurance is taught to make them aware of the industry they working in.

The curriculum also involves how to withhold any fire outbreak scenario and what safety measures to take during the flight.

The importance of being docile and kind with its customer is taught in the course.

A good communicator can always get the things done in the most efficient way.

The hygienic self and grooming is taught to every candidate to be presentable and look their very best.

The basic training to be able to first aid to any individual is given to help the individual in all the crisis situations.

The lessons for swimming is given to candidates to ensure that if due to any emergency landing in water the crew is able to help themselves and others.

It is essential to understand emergency management, navigation, catering training, hospitality training along with the knowledge about an aircraft to excel in the job of an airhostess.

What are the eligibility criteria to be an air hostess?

The basic eligibility criteria to be an air hostess in the aviation industry are as below:

10+2 Examination Pass:

The Candidate willing to be a part of the diploma course for air hostess training should be at least a 10+2 pass from a recognized school from any stream of education like commerce, science, or arts.


The candidate should be a minimum of 18 years to apply for the course.

Indian National:
The candidate must hold a valid Indian national passport with a clear record with no visa restriction.

Physical Appearance/Attributes:
The requirement differs from institution to institution However, the minimum height should be 155 cm and the body weight should be in proportion to the height.

Medically Sound:
The candidate must have normal eyesight or corrected to 6/6 through laser or contact lenses and should not contain any allergies or may suffer from any chronic illness that can prove to be hazardous.

Drug Test:
The candidate should be able to clear the drug test and must not be a consumer of any illegal drugs regularly.

What is the admission Process to enroll for airhostess training?

The physical and medical screening is done of the candidate to scrutinize the correct lot for admission rather than handling a good number of students.

The written test to check the analytical and reasoning capabilities of the candidate.

Group Discusaion:
The ability of a candidate to lead a group and communication skills is judged through group discussion.

Personal Interview:
The interview is conducted on a personal basis to get in-depth knowledge about candidates' behavior and demeanor.

What are the opportunities available after airhostess training?

The completion of course offers ample job opportunities at different areas of an airport and an airline. Jobs such as:

Why HIITMS Academy for Airhostess training?

Due to the expansion in the travel and hospitality industry, the need for skilled employees has also risen by leaps and bounds. Automation in the industry has also risen however the need for human staff is still rising. There are very few academies and institutes in the country which deliver the exact skill set of employees to the companies looking for hiring and HIITMS Academy has been a leader in the aviation and tourism academy through its practical impart of knowledge and as well as classroom teachings. HIITMS Academy contribution towards aviation industry has been tremendous by providing opportunities to the students as well as the companies seeking new professionals.
The students of HIITMS Academy get ample opportunity to be recruited by a reputed airline or as ground staff at the airport. The students of HIITMS Academy have an edge over students of other institutes due to its vast experience in the field of aviation, tourism, and hospitality. The students acquiring a certification course through HIITMS Academy can start earning very early in their career. Its students the most professional conduct on the job and have risen to top levels over time in their employment. To be a certified air hostess professional HIITMS Academy is the right choice to give wings to your dreams.

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