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We all are mesmerized by the glamorous lives of Pilots and Cabin crews. They take care of us during our journey on the flight. But a more prominent role is played by ground staff professionals in making our journey comfortable. From the moment we enter the airport, to checking in, boarding, and disembarking the plane and getting our luggage – ground staff are there at our beck and call to assist us in our journey. Ground staff role is quite challenging as one requires efficient managerial skills as well as quick thinking to manage customers before and after the flights.
If you are looking to build a career as a ground staff professional for major airlines, contact HIITMS- India’s leading aviation and hospitality academy today. We have years of experience in training personnel on various aspects related to aviation. Our courses are designed to impart practical knowledge on the tasks to be performed as well as teach skills that can help you achieve success as a ground staff professional. On finishing the course, you will have a deep understanding of various operational procedures in aviation and will have the expertise to handle customers effectively

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Eligibility Criteria:


What is a Certificate Course in Airport Ground Services?

An airport acts as an entry gate to any city from where passengers come and go to various parts of the world. The airport in itself is like a city with so many things happening simultaneously for interrupted functioning. The Airport has two sides i.e., the land side and the air side. The land side is the terminal area where passengers are waiting for their boarding to start and the airside is the place where the aircraft is parked and takes off from. 
Airport Ground services make up for a vast number of job opportunities around the year. The Airports function round the clock and therefore requires ample staff to fill in. The institutes are offering certificate Courses in Airport Ground Services to candidates opting to be a part of the industry. Numerous tasks are performed by the ground staffs which require the timely completion of well-defined activities. The certificate course for Airport Ground services ensures a candidate is fully aware of all the jobs performed on the ground level and makes them at par with the current employee in any of the ground services.

What are the eligibility criteria to be an airport ground services professional?

What is the duration of the certificate course in airport ground service?

Certificate Course in Airport Ground Services is a 6 months duration course, which ensures the maximum exposure to the world you will be entering soon to work for. In such a short duration candidate becomes well-prepared to face the challenges of the workplace with utmost confidence and zeal.
The course curriculum is very wide and opens various opportunities to individuals in various departments of the airport and airline. 

Subjects Covered

This course contains the following subjects

Airport and Aviation Management:
The basic knowledge of the aviation industry and its functioning needs to be understood before working as a professional at the airport. The terminologies used in the aviation industry are different from any other business industry therefore understanding each term and its meaning is of utmost importance.

Passenger Handling:
The passengers are the most important as well as the most versatile lot at the airport and airline. It is the duty of the staff on the ground to ensure no trouble is faced by the passengers. Communicating with them most politely even when the passenger is losing their cool.

Baggage Handling:
Passengers as well as their belongings need to be looked after properly. The baggage handling requires proper knowledge of all the tagging that is done on them to ensure the correct destination of all the bags.

Cargo Handling:
Cargo is also one of the most revenue-generating streams for an airline and all types of cargo require different handling expertise and knowledge. Therefore, it is vital to study the various categories of cargo and their handling manual correctly.

Customer Service:
The customer is the king in any business and especially when the business is service based. The candidates learn to be a part of the customer service department and excel in doing the job effectively.

Personal Grooming:
Personal grooming is one of the necessities of the job due to the nature of being in the hospitality industry. The more groomed and crisp demeanour a candidate holds during his training enhances the chances of being recruited to the top management in a short period.

Boarding Gate Formalities:
Airports deal with a huge number of passengers every day, therefore, making announcements regarding the boarding and departure of aircraft is important. The language and accent have to be proper in able to be understandable by all.

Check-In Procedures:
The staff of any airport should be completely aware of the check-in formalities and procedures to be able to help the passengers at the time of check-in. The candidates in the academy are taught at extreme lengths to be their best in the job allocated to them.

What are the opportunities available after the certificate course in airport ground services?

Ramp Manager:
It is located at a fixed-wing base or an airport such as an Air tanker base or smokejumper base.

Frequent Flyer Program Manager:
The manager looks after the frequent flyer program of airlines and provides extra benefits that are entitled to them.

Security Hold Area Manager:
The passengers after frisking are waiting to board their flights and the area needs to be looked after for maintenance.

Check-in Procedure manager:
The check-in for all the passengers has to be smooth and ensuring is the job of a check-in manager.

Boarding Announcer:
The boarding announcer's job is to make sure all the announcements are taking place on time without any issues.

Baggage Management:
Every passenger carries several luggage bags and hence the management of them requires staff to overlook the proper functioning of baggage. The correct baggage reaches the correct belt and the correct destination.

Cargo Management:
The cargo carried by any airline is very huge in number and there is also live cargo like pets and animals. All the cargo carried is of great importance hence no spillage or spoiled cargo can happen. The value of each cargo can be in lakhs; therefore, skilled staff should be made to look into it.

Why HIITMS for Aviation

The HIITMS Academy has proved their expertise in this field time and again with their knowledge and conduct by offering refined candidates to the industry. The unflinching attitude of every candidate is visible post the course completion from HIITMS. At HIITMS Academy you not only gain theoretical knowledge but also the practical implementation of all the learned things. This course by HIITMS Academy is one of the best offerings to candidates seeking to work at the airport as a ground handler in the various departments.

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